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Pet Movie


FAQ  for Custom Pet Movie Artworks

Where do I send my photos?

After full payment is made for the size and type of artwork you’ve selected,


Under the CUSTOM Tab in Main Navigation Menu

and follow instructions.


How many photos should I send?

Send 1-3 photos of EACH pet you’d like in the artwork.
Our artistic style blends the photo(s) directly into the original cinema-based design that we create for you. We do not create a painting from the photo you send us.

How do I send my photo?

Please send each photo as a High Quality Digital File in JPG format. Our minimum requirements are 2.0 MBs or more per image.

What are the digital photo requirements?

All photos should be clear and finely detailed, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth. If these areas are blurry or pixilated, we cannot use the photo in our design. When possible, we can reasonably correct imperfections and remove objects. If your photo is from a digital camera, send us the original file from the camera itself - but not a re-sized version. Should we require a better quality photo, we will notify you before beginning your artwork.

How long will my first preview take?

We start the creative process upon receipt of your digital photo file and full payment. We then start to create the Custom Art for you to preview. Receiving your Custom Art Design preview will vary depending on the complexity of work ordered, the quality of your photo, the time of year, and other factors. It will generally take four to six weeks. Once you receive your first preview, you can request revisions or approve the digital version for the final artwork.

How many revisions can I request?

You may request six reasonable revisions after we send you our first preview. After that, we charge $35.00 for each additional revision.

What happens after I approve my Custom Artwork Design?

We will produce and ship you the artwork that you’ve ordered. All artwork arrives "Ready to Hang"

When will my artwork ship?

Your artwork will usually ship within 7 - 10 business days after final approval of your Custom Design.

How will my artwork ship?

FedEx and/or UPS are our primary shippers. All our artworks ship via ground. If you request expedited shipping methods, they are available for an additional charge. All additional charges must be paid in advance of shipment.

Can I track my artwork once it is shipped?

When your package is shipped you will receive an email including all tracking information. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

We can ship to most anywhere in the world. Let us know the destination where you would like it sent, and we will contact you with the applicable shipping charges.

Can the artwork be delivered as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! If you prefer having it shipped to someone else, just provide us with the name and address. 

Rush Orders:

If artwork is requested sooner than six weeks, we will work with you to get your artwork completed by the time you specify. Additional charges may apply in such instances. If you also request expedited shipping methods, they are available for an additional charge. We will add any additional charges to your final payment due for the artwork. All orders must be paid in full in advance of shipment.

​What happens if I don't approve the design?

We do everything in our power to create artwork that exceeds your expectations.

1. If you don’t want to continue after the Preview, your payment will be refunded minus a nonrefundable Creative Fee of $275.00.

2. If after making from one to three revisions to your Preview and you still don’t approve, you may request a refund. Your payment will be refunded, minus a nonrefundable Creative Fee of $375.00.

3. If after making from four to six revisions to your Preview and you still don’t approve, your payment will be refunded, minus a nonrefundable Creative Fee of $475.00.

NOTE: Creative Fees help recover costs for time spent on the creative process.

Are all of your artworks crafted by hand?

Absolutely! We create the artworks for every commission using a series of sophisticated digital brushing techniques plus other resources exclusive to us. Computer programs cannot create these eye-catching works of art – ONLY human beings can do that!

Who owns the copyright to the Custom Artwork?

We retain the copyright to all custom artworks that we create, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. You may not reproduce custom artworks created by us without our prior written approval, with the exception of low-resolution web images (no more than 65 KBs) posted to social websites or attached to emails. Of course, you own the copyright to the original photo of your pet that you sent us.

What about additional copies of the Custom Art?

Should you desire additional Custom Art in the current medium or in any other material - in any other size or form whatsoever – you agree that shall solely create such Custom Artwork for you.

Will you use my artwork?

By sending your photos to, you grant us permission to use any designs or photos in our marketing materials. We will not sell any artwork featuring your pet. If you do not approve, please email us and we will honor your request.

How should I take care of my artwork?

We would recommend the following suggestions to prolong the life of your artwork:

1. It's best to not hang your artwork in direct sunlight to avoid fading over prolonged exposure.

2. Do not hang your artwork in a hot or humid area, such as directly above an active fireplace or in a bathroom.

3. Gently wipe down with Soft MICROFIBER clean cloth for Metal, Acrylic, Framed, and Wood Pieces. Gentle feather dusting is recommended for Canvas Pieces. 

4. Do not use water or cleaning agents such as Windex, Vinegar, etc on your artwork.

What if the photo I send you isn’t mine?

You may not use any work or any content owned by someone else without the written permission of the owner of such content. You are solely responsible for any copyright violations that may incur as a result of using our services.


We do not accept returns unless the artwork has been visibly damaged during shipping. Just contact us and we will be happy to replace your damaged artwork. First provide digital photos of the damage so that our shipping department can assess the claim and then process it with our carrier. We will require damaged items to be returned via ground shipping. Reasonable shipping costs will be refunded. Artwork must be insured for the value of the piece. No refunds will be given.

What if my artwork looks different than my online preview?

Computer monitors and/or screens on mobile devices or any other kind of electronic device may change or distort the image, including but not limited to colors, hues, tones, shapes, sizes, clarity, opacity, etc. In such regard, we shall not be held responsible for any inconsistency between images of Custom Art as it appears on any computer and/or electronic device and the finished Custom Artwork delivered to you.

Are there any other terms for ordering?

By ordering a work of custom art from us, you have agreed to accept our Terms and Conditions.

Where is my Artwork made?

Each of our Artworks is proudly made in the USA!

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