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Pet Movie


Photo Upload Instructions  for Custom Pet Movie Artworks

After full payment is made for the size and type of artwork you’ve selected then

Send your photos to:

Custom@TailsOFHollywood (dot com)


*Please include your Name, Address, and Name of your Pet(s).


Number of photos to send.

Send 1-3 photos of EACH pet you’d like in the artwork.

Digital photo requirements.

Please send each photo as a High Quality Digital File in JPG format.

Our minimum requirements are 2.0 MBs or more per image.

All photos should be clear and finely detailed, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth. If these areas are blurry or pixilated, we cannot use the photo in our design. When possible, we can reasonably correct imperfections and remove objects.


If your photo is from a digital camera, send us the original file from the camera itself - but not a re-sized version. Should we require a better quality photo, we will notify you before beginning your artwork.

All of our artworks crafted by hand!

Computer programs cannot create these eye-catching works of art – ONLY human beings can do that!

We look forward to creating a Spectacular Work of Art for You!

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